What is your name? Steph Francis

What is your role within SBY? I am the project coordinator for Insight into Apprenticeships Somerset and I am currently managing the relaunch of the Discover Maths programme too!

What are your looking forward to doing at SBY? I am looking forward to working with the young people and getting to take part in such a massive variety of activities to help their development. From visits to Thatchers, Communicate with Confidence Workshops, designing an Olympic Village to learning how to scale up Hagrid at the Harry Potter Studios Tour, the range of things that we get to learn and experience alongside our young people is incredible!

Tell us why you love working with young people? I’m an ex-teacher and I have always loved being able to help young people realise that they are, and can be, more than they had previously thought. I find it incredibly satisfying to help young people learn skills that will help them build a better future for themselves. I also know that I learn a lot from each young person I work with and I am thankful to do a job where I get such an incredible benefit!