We are excited to introduce our new team members Jake and Ciara. They are a wonderful addition to our SBY team and can not wait to start working with all our delivery partners and fantastic young people.

Jake Chatfield 

Programme Coordinator for Future Quest 

“Hi, my name is Jake and I am the programme coordinator for the Future Quest cohort programme here at SBY. I have worked with students since finishing university myself and my favourite part of working with young people is helping them realise the pathways to achieving their goals: whether that means going to university, doing an apprenticeship or going straight in to the working world.

I am most looking forward to visiting some of our local university partners. For a lot of students, this will be the first time they have ever seen a university and it’s an amazing experience to see all of the possibilities that are available to them!”


Ciara Jones

Project Coordinator for Unlocking Potential and Learning to Lead

“I am most looking forward to building meaningful connections with young people and working to implement real change to better their future.

I have both academic and practical experience with young people. I love the effect that kindness, care and fun can have on a young person’s life. In my own life, I have seen the positive benefit that a loving presence can have on a vulnerable child to help them thrive. Young people are resilient, fun, and inspirational and I look forward to working alongside them to guide them to be the absolute best they can be.”