We are a consortium of seven schools and two universities. We work through schools to respond to the specific needs of young people, parents/carers and schools in the area; from learning maths skills for life, to taking part in inspirational experiences.



As well as delivering programmes and activities, we work strategically across the city. We convene partnerships to tackle ward inequalities, facilitate closer collaboration between schools, employers, funders, and FE and HE institutions, and help decision-makers understand the real barriers faced by young people in challenging circumstances.

Message from the CEO

My colleagues and I have been developing SBY since 2012, and I am hugely privileged to have seen it grow from a small charity working in partnership with 7 schools in south Bristol, to expanding our collaboration to across the region. SBY is at an exciting time in its life, expanding its programmes and now working with over 1,350 young people aged 8-18. Its programmes are a real force for change, giving young people the skills, knowledge and confidence to reach their potential in life...

SBY's Timeline

"Being a part of this programme has helped me bring way more confidence when speaking and listening. Thank you for choosing me, it has made a great difference to me, friends and family."


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To achieve their potential, all young people require opportunities to develop life skills, self-belief and comprehensive knowledge about accessing apprenticeships, higher education or better jobs. With your help, we can ensure that every young person receives these opportunities.