Maths in the real world

The Discover Maths programme has been devised to enable students to gain a better understanding of how maths in the classroom links to maths in the real world. Throughout the year students visit a range of settings to see how maths is applied on a day-to-day basis. The activity days offer plenty of opportunities to reflect on the maths observed, to consider future career options and to build confidence.

"Amy has been really interested in maths in the real world and we have talked about this at home. She has got a renewed energy for maths."

Parent feedback 2019

Student Story

Before starting the Discover Maths programme, Alex had little interest in maths inside the classroom, much less beyond it. Like all participants in Discover Maths, he was chosen because his teachers felt he had real potential in maths but had lost confidence in his mathematical abilities and this had led to some disengagement.

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Teacher 2023

“They’re more confident now and they’re getting brilliant experiences. Their mathematical problem solving skills are really developing.”

Student feedback 2023

“It’s better than learning maths in lessons because I’m really doing it not just listening to people talking about it.”

"The progress they've already made is amazing. They're all so much more confident now than they were at the start. Even the quietest ones are working together and getting involved now. Their confidence in their maths is definitely improving"

Teacher feedback at the Coutts visit 2023

Previous activities have included

  • Parent meeting
  • Student meeting
  • Aerospace Bristol
  • Babcock International
  • Clifton Suspension Bridge
  • DETI (UWE) and the Bristol Robotics Laboratory
  • Gloucestershire County Cricket Club and Circus of Physics

...and more

  • Coutts Bank visit
  • Underfall Yard engineering day
  • Warner Brothers Studio Tour
  • CFMS (the Centre for Modelling and Simulation)
  • Celebration Event