Empowerment Week

Empowerment Week (formerly Female Empowerment Week) is run in partnership with the Bristol Beacon and Bristol Music Trust. The aim is to empower and raise the voice of young women and non-binary students, giving them the opportunity to access and engage with Bristol’s cultural and heritage centres, develop life skills, and improve their sense of wellbeing and identity, by experiencing a fulfilling and enjoyable week of activities. These include song writing, drama, technical skills, photography, filmmaking, singing and DJing. They then use their own creativity and the skills they have learnt to make a group project exploring the theme of feminism.


SBY Youth Leadership Board

This year SBY will be reintroducing its Youth Board. Initially we will work with students from Oasis Brislington; their role will be to advise SBY staff and trustees as to the needs of young people post-pandemic. This will also be a leadership programme helping the young people to develop a range of leadership skills that they can draw on both now and in the future.