Each Programme has five common elements

Advice, Guidance and Support

Speaking, Listening and Writing Skills Development

Building Cultural and Social Capital

Developing positive character traits

Parental Engagement

1. Advice, guidance and support to understand pathways to work, apprenticeships, FE and HE

Experience and research tell us that students lack knowledge rather than aspiration and that they need practical help to make the best choices. 


Young people have a clear understanding of future career paths available to them.

2. Speaking, Listening and Writing Skills Development

SBY puts particular focus on communication skills, so students learn how to clearly express their thoughts and ideas and present themselves well. Where appropriate these will be put into the context of employability skills.


Young people are able to communicate effectively & with confidence.

3.Building Cultural and Social Capital

We help young people build links with people and organisations across Bristol. This gives them a sense of ownership of their city and the confidence to access premier arts and heritage venues in the city (cultural capital), and new networks (social capital) to help them in the future.


Young people feel able to access people and organisations that can help them and participate in new experiences.

4. Developing positive character traits

We help young people to appreciate and develop curiosity, perseverance, conscientiousness, optimism and self -control and to understand how these traits will help them to do well in life and work. 


Young people have a clear understanding of their own personality and have the traits they need in order to progress into a successful adulthood.

5. Parental Engagement

Family support and encouragement with education make a huge difference to a young person’s development.  We meet parents and carers regularly, invite them to celebrate their children’s achievements and put on special events for them on a range of topics including advice and guidance on future pathways.


Parents understand better how to support their children’s education.

Insight into Apprenticeships

The Insight into Apprenticeships programme is designed for students in years 9 to 10 who have shown an interest in the apprenticeship pathway, particularly 16-18 apprenticeships. Through cohorts of 10 or 15 students, it aims to bring into sharp focus the opportunities provided by apprenticeships, and improve the self-confidence of students.

Skills Build You

In addition to our programmes listed above, SBY’s Employability Package, Skills Build You, provides three exciting days of activities designed to develop students’ confidence and skills, and to recognise their personal strengths.

Support us

To achieve their potential, all young people require opportunities to develop life skills, self-belief and comprehensive knowledge about accessing apprenticeships, higher education or better jobs. With your help, we can ensure that every young person receives these opportunities.