"It's extremely fun, it helped me with myconfidence levels"

Unlocking Potential is a programme designed for key stage 3 students who would benefit from developing their communication skills and self-confidence. The programme aims to explore and improve speaking, listening, and communication skills cumulatively over a year, via a range of specially selected activities.

"I would go back and do Unlocking Potential again if there was an opportunity I'd take it. It's extremely fun, it helped me with my confidence levels. It’s very enjoyable and builds many skills."

Student feedback

What have you enjoyed most about the programme?

  • I got better at team work today. I liked it because it was different to other trips, we had to work as a team and communicate to succeed at the challenges.” – Mendip Outdoors
  • It was amazing to get more confident in front of a camera, I enjoyed being questioned by my friends, it felt safe in this environment away from school. It gave an opportunity to talk and give my thoughts and opinions.” – Vlogging Workshop
  • In English lessons I am able to project my voice and prepare better speeches. I loved every workshop so far and believe in myself more. They have put a lot of effort into us. It’s fun.

Previous activities have included:

  • Bristol Zoo Project
  • Aerospace Museum
  • Bristol Old Vic Winter Show
  • Arts Day (drama and comic art)
  • Vlogging Workshop
  • Professional Skills Day
  • Mendip Outdoors
  • Celebration Event

What do the delivery partners say?

  • “It has been great working with Unlocking Potential students and the SBY staff involved. We have been uplifted by how the young people applied themselves in every session and seeing the levels of confidence increase during every session.” – Breathing Fire Drama Group
  • “It was so nice to be back in school again and to meet you and such wonderful young people. I just wanted to say thank you for being so motivated and inspiring to young people and what you offer. It is truly lovely to have that energy as a guest in a school.” – RISE Dance Teacher

Parent statistics

93% felt their child had grown in confidence during the UP programme

88% felt that their child’s confidence in communicating with different people had increased
since joining the programme

88% felt their child had improved their communication skills throughout the programme

93% felt their child had benefited from the new experiences offered in the UP programme

100% understand the importance of their child developing effective communication skills