My colleagues and I have been developing SBY since 2012, and I am hugely privileged to have seen it grow from a small charity working in partnership with 7 schools in south Bristol, to expanding our collaboration to across the region.

SBY is at an exciting time in its life, expanding its programmes and now working with over 1,350 young people aged 8-18. Its programmes are a real force for change, giving young people the skills, knowledge and confidence to reach their potential in life. Our staff are always amazed at the positive difference these programmes make to the young people over the academic year, how their confidence is boosted, enabling them to step into new and unknown experiences and to enjoy them.

The values of this remarkable organisation are embraced by our dedicated and committed staff, as well as our partner organisations who loyally support us in providing high quality and exciting activities. It is these activities that help our young people to flourish, helping them to express their thoughts and ideas clearly, and helping them to develop into curious, conscientious and optimistic young people well-prepared for their future.

With our highly committed staff, schools, universities, families and supporters, I look forward to working and partnering with the wider region and beyond, to expand, strengthen and grow SBY and continue to see the difference it makes.

Camilla Chandler-Mant
Chief Executive