What is your name? Sabina Brooks

What is your role at South Bristol Youth? I am the Data Entry and Admin Officer for South Bristol Youth. Part of my job is to make sure we have all the information needed to keep you safe during activities. I input the details you filled in on your forms to create a secure database. I also produce graphs to help display the data for all the activities we provide over the year and how many students we have worked with.

What is your favourite part of your role? I really enjoy routines and looking for patterns so working with data is a perfect job for me. The best moments are when you can format the data to produce a report that is accurate and easily understood. I am also passionate about puzzles so really like solving any mysteries I sometimes come across, especially if I can use the computer to do all the work!

What animal would you be and why? If I were an animal, I would be a cat. I like routine yet am unpredictable. I enjoy lazing in the sun but also like visiting other places, and I love spending time with others, even though I am fiercely independent.