National Careers Week is a one-week celebration of careers guidance and free resources in education across the UK.

It’s a great time to give some thought to the types of careers that are out there – some you’ve probably never heard of before!

Many of us had no idea what career we might want when we were at school (I know I didn’t!) but the more opportunities you explore, the better idea you might have about what you would like to pursue.

We all know that apprenticeships are a great way to begin a career and there are many resources available to help you explore them. For instance, why not take a look at National Careers Week TV channel, where there are lots of videos from apprentices in different industries, like banking, the NHS, or even the Merchant Navy: National Careers Week – NCW (

Also explore the National Apprenticeship Week website where you can find information about a huge range of employers and the types of careers they offer:

You can attend a virtual Careers Fair, which goes live on Monday 6 March but can be accessed at any time during the week –

If an apprenticeship appeals to you (and it really should!) other great places to begin your search are:

Consider some of the following factors when thinking about what you might want to do in the future:

ENVIRONMENT: Do you want to work in an office with other people, or maybe you prefer the idea of working at home? Are you an outdoor person, or perhaps you like a creative environment?

WORKING HOURS/FLEXIBILITY: Are you a 9-5 person who loves routine, or you might be a night owl who would suit shift-work? Maybe you’d love a 4-day week, where you work more hours each day but have more days off! Do you like variety where everyday is different and you don’t know where you might be next?

ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Are you a natural leader or are you the person who everyone turns to for support? Team player or lone worker?

TRAVEL: Have you considered whether you’d like to travel? What sort of transport would you like to use? The world is your oyster, so maybe you’d like to work in another country, or do a job that requires lots of international travel!!

SOCIAL VALUE: Are you a caring sort of person, who would like to give back to your community, or do a role that offers caring responsibilities? Many employers are now recognising the importance of ‘giving back’ so even if your job isn’t specifically caring, you might want to consider whether your prospective employer holds these values.

HAND, HEAD OR HEART: Think about whether you like to work with your hands, use your head, or will your job be a true vocation and led by the heart? Or it might be a combination of all of these things!

And finally…

Be bold and accept every opportunity that comes your way – you never know where it may lead!