The clocks have now gone forward, days seem to be lasting longer, the birds are busy building nests, and the shops are full of easter eggs and hot cross buns, so it must be spring.

Spring is my favourite season as it signifies the end of winter, warmer days to come and more time spent outside. For the natural world it’s a new beginning, with new growth on the trees and many baby animals and birds starting their life.  And for many people it is also a time to spring clean as they put away winter coats and get out the shorts, throw away old unwanted stuff and make a clean restart – just have a look at the full wheelie bins recently!

After the winter, and the year we have had, I think we all need a good spring clean and reset ourselves. It seems like a good time to reflect on what our goals are and how we see our future.


I have challenged the Aspire students this week to think about what they are really looking forward to doing once lockdown has lifted and then to reconsider the goals they had set last autumn. Do they still have the same goals, or have they changed slightly over time?

Once you have considered your goals you then need to decide how you are going to achieve them and this is when you can start looking at those small steps to success. Remember to set yourself small targets to achieve on your way towards your goals, as this will give you confidence – you can learn from any small mistakes you make. Remember to fail is the just First Attempt in Learning.






So rather than just focusing on your wardrobe why not spend some time on yourself, spring clean your goals and give yourself a new beginning like the beautiful cherry trees that are blooming with lovely pink and white flowers all around us.