This week is National Gardening Week and the theme this year is Get Your Dose of Vitamin G!

Over the last year of lockdown many people have found great benefit from their garden or green spaces around their homes. “Vitamin G is ‘green’, and research has shown that getting a daily dose improves our sense of personal wellbeing,” explains RHS Director of Science, Professor Alistair Griffiths.

You don’t have to have a garden to get your vitamin G in Bristol. We are really lucky to have some amazing open green spaces. With the cherry trees around Bristol in full blossom, it won’t be long before we can enjoy driving along Airport Road and Hengrove Way and see that lovely strip of wildflowers – that almost makes being stuck in a traffic jam worthwhile! Joking aside, getting outside and taking time out of our busy lives, spending a of bit of time watching and listening to nature can be really good for your wellbeing.


The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) have some really good ideas on their website on how to get your shot of Vitamin They even have ideas if you can’t get outside.

Just seeing things grow from a small seed can be great and we know that the Aspire students were successful with growing mustard and cress seeds before Easter.

We are now setting our goals a little higher with a sunflower growing competition and the Aspire students have just planted their small seeds which hopefully will turn into some very large plants as the summer progresses.

As the plant grows, we can get that feeling of success and enjoyment watching it as well as giving us a reason to stop and take care of ourselves, watering the plants at the same time as nourishing ourselves.

Why not join in and find your dose of vitamin G?