What is your name? Christine Purnell

What is your role at South Bristol Youth? Senior Project Lead – this means that I oversee, plan and develop some of our programmes. When I first started at South Bristol Youth I developed the Discover Maths programme which helps with making the link between maths in the classroom and maths in the real world. Most recently I have developed our first programme for primary students called ‘Learning To Lead’ as well as becoming more involved in our Insights Into Apprenticeship Programme.

What is your favourite part of your job? There is so much I love about this job. Mostly I enjoy the fact that every day is different from meeting entrepreneurs, to visiting cultural settings, to spending time in schools. Of course the part I love most of all is spending time getting to know students and helping them discover new things and explore different avenues.

What animal would you be and why? If I was an animal it would have to be a dog, probably a labrador. They are such  a friendly breed who are always loyal, I get so jealous watching my dog sleeping in the sunshine in the middle of the day!