There are so many different volunteering and work experience opportunities available, and many of these are available online as well as in person.

Employers will see added value in an applicant who can demonstrate this extra experience on their applications or CVs. It shows that you:

  • are proactive
  • are willing to help others
  • see the value in experience for its own sake
  • want to enhance your skills


Volunteering is a great way to help other people and gain some experience at the same time. But where to look? Try the following:

  • Your local council will have a list of local opportunities. You can start your search here.
  • has a list of UK opportunities and you can filter to interest, activity or location
  • Your local charity shops
  • Help out an elderly neighbour with some shopping or gardening!

Work experience

As well as enhancing your skills, work experience offers the unique opportunity to try a profession you are interested in to see if it’s for you.

Many schools have a week of work experience in Year 10, but even if your school doesn’t do this you can gain some work experience during the school holidays.

Here’s how to find opportunities:

  • Ask a friend or family member who does the job you’re interested in
  • Search online, especially with companies you would like to work for – do they have a work experience programme?
  • Speak to the Careers Adviser at your school, they will help you find opportunities that suit your interests.