My Careers Week Blog

6 March 2024 10:25 | By

  by Emily Bailey, SBY Business Manager   I often reflect on the winding career pathway that has led me to my current role. My first job at age 14…

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What is Engineering?

20:42 | By

WHAT IS ENGINEERING? We are surrounded by engineering at practically every moment of our lives. In fact, the modern world would be impossible without engineering! Were you surprised by any…

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Volunteering and work experience

23 August 2022 22:09 | By

There are so many different volunteering and work experience opportunities available, and many of these are available online as well as in person. Employers will see added value in an…

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Careers in Sport & Fitness

22 August 2022 21:08 | By

When thinking about a career in sport or fitness many people’s first thought is being a world-famous sports star. Who here admires Lionel Messi, Serena Williams or Simone Biles? However,…

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