We are surrounded by engineering at practically every moment of our lives. In fact, the modern world would be impossible without engineering! Were you surprised by any of the engineering you saw in our video?

Engineers design submarines, develop clean water systems and investigate alternatives to fossil fuels. They make wetsuits and washing up liquid, iPhones and prosthetic limbs. Pretty cool right?!

Engineering is all about identifying real-world problems and using maths and science to come up with solutions. Engineers do this by designing, testing and building machines, structures and processes, making it an incredibly varied field to work in. This means engineers are scientists, inventors, designers, builders and creative thinkers!

Before you move onto the next section, watch this short video below to find out more about engineering.

Types of engineering

Aerospace Engineers could be designing spacecraft while Chemical Engineers are busy developing a new way to beat cancer and Software Engineers are making the next big app.

Explore 12 key areas of engineering with Tomorrow’s Engineers amazing ‘From Idea to Career’ booklet. It looks at the different types of engineering, the jobs you could do in each discipline, how much you could earn, and which subjects would be useful to consider at post-16 and post-18.


How well do you know yourself?

Take this quiz to work out what type of engineering would suit your skills and interests.


Pathways into engineering

There are several routes that you can take if you would like to become an engineer. Tomorrow’s Engineers have some brilliant resources that really clearly demonstrate your options.

You can also find out more about your options to get into an engineering career by taking a look at the Career Pilot website.