World Health Day focuses on building a fairer, healthier world.

It is clear that we all have to work together for a better future. In the UK we are extremely lucky to have the National Health Service which treats all people equally and without checking their bank balance first which, if you have been abroad and needed health care, is not always the norm.

Just look at the roll out of the vaccine – it was done through priority of needs first and you could not pay to jump the queue to get the vaccine. Anyone who has been in a vaccination centre will tell you what great camaraderie is around with everyone working together to help protect the nation against Covid. From the stewards directing people to the next station, to the IT technicians ensuring everyone details are logged safety and correctly, to the care workers giving the vaccine, everyone is pulling together to support each other and the patients.


Could You Play a Role?

There are so many roles in the health services that there will be a role for everyone. So why not use this year’s World Health Day to explore how you can play your role in supporting others.

Look at the NHS career page and find out how you can be part of this amazing team.


You can also check out the Youth Employment UK health and science page on their career hub sector for more help and advice on careers supporting others.